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Feed the Hungry in America Food Bank Launched in Seattle


On Saturday, January 19, 2013, Humanity First opened the Feed the Hungry in America (FHA) Food Bank in Lynnwood, Washington. During this first day, nine families were served, totalling 43 people. Eight volunteers worked from 11am to 2:30pm to register guests and provide services.

Humanity First volunteers arrived in the morning and set up by packing Feed the Hungry in America bags with individual packs of pastas, soups, juices, fruit cups, bread, jam, cereal, oatmeal, water and other small food items. Three different size bags were packed: group A bags were for families with 1-2 people; group B bags were for those with 3-5 people; and group C bags were created for families with over six individuals. The weight of these bags was approximately 6 to 12 lbs.

Guests were asked to check their pre-packed bags before leaving the parking lot so that they are able to return or replace any items they want at that time. The first day of the food bank was very successful, and the Humanity First volunteers look forward to providing meals every third Saturday of the month at the Lynnwood FHA Food Bank. For more information, please email feedthehungry@us.humanityfirst.org, or to make a contribution, please click here.

FHA Volunteer Insight:

At about 11:55AM our first guests arrived, a family with a young daughter about 12 years old. They couldn't speak much english, but the girl was able to give me the basic details to fill their form. One of our volunteers' was overwhelmed to see how a young girl her age had to worry about where her next meal would come from. As other families came by, our volunteers were saddened to see how these families had walked to our location in freezing weather with young children and even infants.

We asked the guests to kindly check their pre-packed bags before leaving the parking lot and if they would like to return anything they should at that time. One family returned the soups we had packed for them, we offered to repalce it with other items to fill their bag, they left in awe, to see how eager we were to make sure they had enough food to take home.

One elderly guest was almost in tears when I offered her to suggest any food items she would like in the future. Another family was happy to see a fresh loaf of bread was given to them, she expressed how her kids fight over who will eat the last piece of bread, anytime they are blessed to have any. We handed her another loaf to take home.

We had a very successful first event. Thank you to our volunteers and to those who have guided us throughout this process.

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